Gunung Kawi Temple

Gunung Kawi Temple

Visit a unqiue temple of rock-carved shrines and funeral monuments in the stunning river valley of Pakerisan. 

Descend hundreds of steps past charming souvenir shops down to the breathtaking tropical valley of the Pakerisan River where the Gunung Kawi Temple is located.

Gunung Kawi is an 11th-century temple and funerary complex made up of candi shrines, which are carved into the rock face. These ten shrines are believed to be dedicated to King Anak Wungsu of the Udayana dynasty and his queens. 

The ancient legends surrounding this unique temple and the lush landscape of palm trees and rice fields make it an extraordinary visit.


Every day: 8 am - 6 pm


20,000 IDR (US$ 1.20) per person

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