Bali has a tropical climate that's warm all year round. Read about its different seasons and find out the best time of year to visit.

Bali has a tropical climate and two distinct seasons: a wet season, from November to March, and a dry season, from June to October. The best months to visit Bali are April, May, June and September, as it's still dry season but not high season.

Month Average temperature Minimum temperature Maximum temperature Rainfall Maximum wave height
January 27.6ºC 24.6ºC 31.0ºC 340mm 3.3 metres
February 27.7ºC 24.5ºC 30.9ºC 268mm 3.0 metres
March 27.8ºC 24.3ºC 31.2ºC 223mm 2.0 metres
April 27.7ºC 24.3ºC 31.2ºC 89mm 1.4 metres
May 27.5ºC 24.1ºC 30.6ºC 109mm 1.5 metres
June 26.6ºC 23.7ºC 29.7ºC 70mm 1.4 metres
July 26.1ºC 23.4ºC 29.3ºC 43mm 1.5 metres
August 26.2ºC 23.2ºC 29.3ºC 22mm 1.5 metres
September 26.8ºC 23.7ºC 30.1ºC 52mm 1.3 metres
October 27.5ºC 24.0ºC 31.0ºC 104mm 1.2 metres
November 28.0ºC 24.6ºC 31.2ºC 189mm 1.4 metres
December 27.9ºC 24.7ºC 31.3ºC 312mm 2.0 metres