Get an idea of the kinds of souvenirs you can buy on your trip to Bali. Although most of the items mentioned on this page can be found in markets and boutiques all over the island, here's some useful information about the best places to shop for specific products. 

Artwork & handicrafts

Bali has a very artistic society and on the island you can find incredible, unique artwork and handicrafts of all kinds. You'll find unique pieces at Tegallalang Handicrafts Village and paintings at Sukawati Art Market. You can also look for antiques on Monkey Forest Road, ceramics in the Jenggala Boutique and handmade jewellery in Celuk Village. 


If you want to bring back the taste of Bali, grab some of its famous tea or coffee, particularly Kopi Luwak coffee. You can buy it in most supermarkets and markets or even head to the Kintamani region where it's grown. 


If you're a bargain hunter looking for local-style clothing, hit the street markets of Ubud to find sarongs, kimonos, accessories, souvenir items and much more. If you're looking to explore designer shops, head to Seminyak, and for highstreet brands visit Kuta Beachwalk. 

Shipping large items

If you're a collector or find a vintage piece of furniture that you just can't leave behind, all stores usually offer the option to ship. 

When the shipment is paid according to the cubic metres (about 150 (US$ 161.50) per m3), this cost will only cover the journey to a port in your home country. When the goods arrive at the port (about two months), they will call you to arrange shipping to your home address for a further cost. This can be quite expensive, so take that into account beforehand. You can also arrange the shipment with carriers like DHL, but bear in mind they have a weight limit.