Find out about the different ways to get around the island of Bali so you can plan your trip. 

Public transport in Bali is limited and many places are inaccessible without a vehicle, so it's a good idea to arrange your own transport.


Taxis are an easy and affordable way to get around, especially in bigger towns. Blue Bird Taxis are the most trusted company. They're light blue, with a bird logo inside a rounded diamond and 'Bali Taxi' written on the side. If you want to book a taxi driver for a whole day it costs around 40 (US$ 43) per day including the petrol and, negotiably, parking costs.

Car Rental

If you want to rent a car, bear in mind you need to have an international license, the process for which may vary depending on the country. Remember you must also carry your original driving license with you.

Rental cars in Bali.

Motorbike Rental

Another option, especially for short journeys, is to rent a motorbike. You can rent scooters in the main cities for around 50,000 IDR (US$ 3.30) - 75,000 IDR (US$ 4.90) per day.


Bikes, sepeda,  have also become a popular way to tour the island. You can easily find bikes to rent in tourist areas for around 30,000 IDR (US$ 2) per day.

Private Driver

You can also book a private car rental service with a driver for up to 6 people. It costs around 50 (US$ 53.80) for 8 hours and you can go anywhere you want in Bali.


If you want to visit other surrounding Indonesian islands such as Lombok and the Gili Islands, you can travel by boat.